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Fitivities – Kids and Family Fitness

Exercise Game, Small or Large Groups (Indoors or Outdoors)

How active is your family? Studies have shown that active families end up being healthier in a variety of ways, but there isn’t always time or room to plan trips to places to work out. Also, if you have small children, they’re more likely to get bored in those types of environments, so what can you do? If you’re looking for a way to get your family off of the couch, then you might be really excited to try Fitivities. 

What Are Fitivities?

Fitivities are fun activities you can do with family or friends that motivate the people involved to get up and get active. With so much time being spent on the handheld devices and computers that you see everyday, getting time jumping around and doing physical things can be extremely challenging. Fitivities are made so that people feel great about jumping around and helps them to less intimidated by physical activity. 20 different fun activities come in this game so you’ll be likely to find many that keep people interested and curious about what’s coming next. 

What You’ll Love 

These games have been put together in a way that allows them to be played indoors or outdoors, so weather isn’t likely to be an issue. Don’t let snow wreck your time with family. 

This game set comes with durable game pieces and props. It’s a drag when games wear out and break quickly, but this vinyl mat is likely to last you quite a while. It also comes with 

Well-made spinners and foot markers. 

How You Can Use It 

This game set is ideal for families or groups of varied size. If you’re having a religious gathering with lots of children, Fitivities can be an answer to many of your activity needs. Most games are suitable for kids 6 and up, and even the adults can come and have a great time!

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